Our injection moulding presses range from 20 to 220 tonnes, which means that we can undertake:
- injection moulding of welded angles and moulded components of up to 1000 cc.
- the manufacture of frames of all dimensions in small, medium or large scale production volumes.
- the manufacture of moulded components in small and medium scale production volumes.
Our supply management (of profiles, blends etc.), the traceability of received batches, monitoring of production, the skills of our personnel and the rigour of our inspection department means that you can rely on a service that meets your every need.


Our banks of cutting machines allow us to manufacture lengths up to 8 metres and to carry out machining to drawings. The width and height of profiles are less than 200 mm and 80 mm respectively.


The "mould" workshop produces welding moulds and carries out maintenance of existing moulds.


We put at the customersí disposal†: experience, design expertise and quality-manufacture, within the best times.


E.M.T. - 69, Chaussée Brunehaut 02420 ESTREES - Tel : +33 (0)3 23 63 57 00 - Fax : +33 (0)3 23 63 57 01 - info@emt-caoutchouc.com